【Switch】ErrorCode:2618-0513 How to Fix


The reason why “2618-0513” is displayed

This is an error code that is displayed when the Internet connection is established but communication is not working properly.
(The NAT crossing is not working properly.)

How to fix “2618-0513

  • From the HOME menu, select “Settings” -> “Internet” -> “Connection Test” and check the NAT type.
    • If you are using type A or B
      • Restart the router you are using.
      • If you are using multiple routers, living in an apartment complex, or have a “Private IP Assignment” contract, try setting your router to “Bridge Connection”.
      • If you are using Wifi, try to improve the surrounding signal environment.
        • Do not use a microwave oven.
        • Stop using other devices that are using Wifi.
        • Stop using IPV6 service as it may be affecting you.
    • In case of Type C or Type D
      • Try the same steps as for A and B types.
      • If the problem persists, contact your provider to report that you are having trouble with the game’s Internet communication.
    • In case of Type F
      • Check if the port for UDP communication is restricted.
        • Internet provider
        • If you live in an apartment complex, contact the network administrator of the complex.
        • The manufacturer of the router you are using

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